Arbeit ist das halbe Leben

We look around: Whereto?
My boss is a freak.
My colleague is a freak.
But we all are freaks.
And work anyway is
not the opposite of leisure.
And it's a good thing, isn't it?!

Thursday, March 05th, 2020, 20:00
Friday, March 06th, 2020, 18:00

The Traffic Separating Device

Johan Palmgren Sweden, 2018 13:55 min, documentary film, Colour Swedish, German, English, Engl. SUB A traffic separating device installed in Stockholm turns into a bizarre spectacle as private cars become regularly immobilized.

Ivan Paketny

Evgeniy Nakhabtsev Russia, 2018 4:40 min, fiction film, Colour Russian, Engl. SUB A movie about a man who loves plastic bags.

Am Cu Ce / Mein ganzer Stolz

Hannah Weissenborn Germany, 2019 19:17 min, fiction film, Colour German, Engl. SUB High pressure in the logistic sector is a heavy burden for Romanian truck driver Stancu.

The Clown

Vladimir Feklenko Russia, 2019 3:49 min, fiction film, Colour Russian, Engl. SUB Do we live to find our purpose or is it our purpose that keeps us alive?

So hell die Nacht

Julius Schmitt Germany, 2019 13:44 min, documentary film, Colour German, Engl. SUB When most of us fall asleep, other people’s alarm clock is ringing: night workers – from dusk till dawn.

Белым по черному / White Mark

Anton Mamykin Russia, 2019 15:00 min, fiction film, Black-and-White Russian, Engl. SUB A miner admits cheating on his wife. He remains perfectly clean after work. Therefore his whole life goes downhill.


Stephan Bernardes Germany, 2019 19:50 min, documentary film, Colour German, Engl. SUB “Silvia’s Videoladen”, a video rental store remains a piece of history.