Arbeit ist das halbe Leben

Let's look around: Whereto?
My boss is a freak.
My colleague is a freak.
But we all are freaks.
And work anyway is
not the opposite of leisure.
And it's a good thing, isn't it?!

Thursday, March 07th, 2019, 20:00
Friday, March 08th, 2019, 18:00

Monday - A German Love Story

Sophie Linnenbaum Germany, 2017 5:28 min, fiction film, color no dialogue, Klaus loves his new job. If only his colleagues weren't such smugs.

Eres Niño Como Yo

Iria Montes Librero,Magdalena Orellana,Roberto Pérez Morán Spain, 2018 17:16 min, fiction film, color Spanish, Engl. SUB Babies, babies, babies. Virginia is completely devoted to her hobby.

Good Day

Dasha Charusha Russia, 2018 18:10 min, fiction film, color Russian, Engl. SUB Rush hour on the highway. On the backseat of a taxi a woman is giving birth. Now driver Abdul has a problem.

Tag für Tag und Jahr für Jahr

Simon Rupieper Germany, 2018 13:22 min, documentary film, color German, Engl. SUB Final days of Mr. and Mrs. Mix's supermarket.


Christopher Watson India, 2018 19:37 min, fiction film, color Hindi, Engl. SUB Bagheera is a young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop, who equips her students with amazing survival skills, courage and determination.

Vom Geschäft mit Staubsaugern

Anna Verena Müller, Simon Rupieper, Sinah Käding Germany, 2018 11:18 min, documentary film, color German, Engl. SUB Years ago Sam made good money as a salesman for Vorwerk-hoovers. Nowadays he has a little shop in Cologne where he repairs the old models.

Uspekh / Success

Valentin Suntsov Russia, 2018 7:37 min, fiction film, color Russian, Engl. SUB Two cool guys doing their morning toilet. And then what?