Der Preis ist heiß!

Looking around: What?
Reach your goals.
The way is the goal.
After the game is before the game.
Do you want to climb the mountain,
before all others?
Is it lonely or beautiful up there?
Find it out.

Sunday, 08. March 2020, 19.00 Uhr
Wiederholung: Sunday, 08. March 2020, 21.00 Uhr

In the program "Der Preis ist heiß!" the best rated films of the festival
compete against each other in a fight for the sought-after festival prize Hasso.

The Traffic Separating Device

Johan Palmgren Sweden, 2018 13:55 min, documentary film, Colour Swedish, German, English, Engl. SUB A traffic separating device installed in Stockholm turns into a bizarre spectacle as private cars become regularly immobilized.


Kaveh Mazaheri Iran, 2017 19:33 min, fiction film, Colour Persian, Engl. SUB Cold blooded.

People Doing Moves

Taet Vremya Kollektiv Germany, 2019 8:39 min, experimental film, Colour no dialogue Familiar moves in an unfamiliar setting. Who leads whom in life?

El Vuelo de Michael / Michael's Flight

Jesús De Frutos Ayuso Spain, 2018 19:26 min, documentary film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB Michael and his friends are managing Radio Terricola with the best of spirits.


Jonathan Mordechay Israel, 2019 12:52 min, fiction film, Colour no dialogue Don't wake up the baby!


Stephan Bernardes Germany, 2019 19:50 min, documentary film, Colour German, Engl. SUB “Silvia’s Videoladen”, a video rental store remains a piece of history.