We turn back: From where?
Waving fields, flourishing corn.
Children with moon boots riding on a cow.
Duplex houses as far as the eye can see.
Paradise must be here.
God having a BBQ in the neighbourhood.
Where do you go after church?

Thursday, March 07th, 2019, 18:00
Saturday, March 09th, 2019, 20:00

Der Mandarinenbaum / The Mandarin Tree

Cengiz Akaygün Germany, 2017 17:57 min, fiction film, color Turkish, Kurdish, Engl. SUB akayguen@freemonkey.art www.freemonkey.art Young Sirin is finally allowed to visit her father in prison. She painted a nice picture for him, but as it is confisacated she will have to consider something better next time.


Marc Sebastian Eils Germany, Cameroon, 2018 9:30 min, documentary film, color German, Engl. SUB marcseb@posteo.de Demian talks about his deportation to Cameroon and how he settled in a country where he did not know anybody.

Dulce Hogar

Giovana Olmos Spanish, 2018 9:40 min, fiction film, color fiction film, Engl. SUB olmos.gio@gmail.com It’s the end of the month and Susana goes around the block collecting the rents for the landlord. But at what price?

Aus der Nähe

Daniel Popat Germany, 2018 5:00 min, experimental film, color German, English, Engl. SUB mail@danielpopat.de A lift in a car. Four people. One argument. Blah-Blah.


Grzegorz Piekarski, Zeinab Pasdar Poland, 2017 13:05 min, documentary film, color Persian, Engl. SUB michal.hudzikowski.film@gmail.com Time with your dad is precious, spending everyday life together, but your dad has to say goodbye. A movie about handicraft enthousiasts and what happens in times of war.

Null Komma Sieben

Moritz Boll Germany, 2018 3:00 min, fiction film, color German, Engl. SUB info@moritzbollfilm.de www.moritzbollfilm.de At a small birthday party two mothers drink plenty of sparkling wine. Meanwhile their two sons have their own privat party.


Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento Belgium, 2017 16:05 min, fiction film, color French, Engl. SUB diffusion@iad-arts.be www.mediadiffusion.eu Pablo has to convince his ex-girlfriend Anouk to pretend living together for a check of the immigration office.


Marlena Molitor Germany, 2017 12:54 min, documentary film, black-and-white Hungarian, Engl. SUB mara.molitor@web.de www.facebook.com/Februar.Documentary/ Getting up in the morning, making coffee, rolling a cigarette, cooking – a matter of course? Zsuzsanna and Sandor live under a bridge in Munich for the last six months.