Helden wie wir

Turning round: Looking at whom?
Be brave, always.
That's the trick;
nothing else is of help.
And if it does the trick say:
I knew it.
We are Pope, we are Angie,
we are heroes.

Thursday, March 07th, 2019, 22:00
Friday, March 08th, 2019, 20:00


Christina Schmideder Germany, 2018 13:00 min, documentary film, color German christina_schmideder@yahoo.de www.prosinn.com What does it mean beeing pretty for adolscents? What happens if you accept your rough edges?


Alberto Fernández Tiemblo,David Miranda,Belén Kruppa Robelo Spain, 2018 9:00 min, fiction film, color Spanish, Engl. SUB distribucion@ecam.es His biggest dream is to become an astronaut. The consequences of this mission are immense.


Simon P. Biggs United Kingdom, 2018 11:16 min, animation film, black-and-white English, Ger. SUB spbiggs@yahoo.com www.mrwiddershins.co.uk In the future everything is taken care of by machines. But through an adventurous meeting a gentleman's life turns upside down and he needs to decide.


Evgeny Kolyadintsev Russia, 2018 5:23 min, fiction film, color no dialogue, Engl. SUB yulia@festagent.com www.festagent.com A girl finds a strange sketchbook at her doorstep. Who has left it there and what for? And most importantly, what's hidden inside?


Aleksey Ilyin, Grigory Kalinin Russia, 2017 10:10 min, experimental film, color Russian, Engl. SUB yulia@festagent.com www.festagent.com Do you know what goes through the head of a person passing by? Nobody really knows!

Was Du teilst gehört uns

Mi Steinbach Germany, 2018 3:58 min, experimental film, black-and-white German, Engl. SUB info@westendfilme.de Data protection eurythmics, who actually reads the legal terms of online platforms anyways?

Cerdita / Piggy

Carlota Pereda Spain, 2018 14:42 min, fiction film, color Spanish, Engl. SUB mail@madridencorto.es Girls can truly be cruel! The biter will be bitten and scratched.

Ham Nafas / Soul Mate

Mahdi Borjian Iran, 2017 2:27 min, fiction film, color no dialogue mahdiborjian65@gmail.com A boy rushes home from school and makes an unexpected decision.


Sophie Linnenbaum Germany, 2017 8:34 min, fiction film, color no dialogue pixfilm@gmx.de Life is an endless series of photogenic moments.

Ekhtelaf / Difference

Ali Asadollahi Iran, 2018 14:12 min, fiction/experimental film, color Persian, Engl. SUB mary.ahmadi87@gmail.com A film about three men – more or less. Who is who – and if yes: How many?