Helden wie wir

We look around: Looking at whom?
Be brave, always.
That's the trick;
nothing else is of help.
And if it does the trick say:
I knew it.
We are Pope, we are Angie,
we are heroes.

Thursday, March 05th, 2020, 22:00
Friday, March 06th, 2020, 20:00


Annika Birgel Germany, 2019 11:59 min, fiction film, Colour German, Engl. SUB annika.birgel@mimesiscollective.com mimesiscollective.com Of course both sides are well prepared for the casting. But eventually an appropriate (re)acting is what counts.

Klare Sache

Kuesti Fraun Germany, 2019 0:18 min, experimental film, Colour no dialogue mobtik@hotmail.com facebook.com/mobtik We should keep an eye on that.

Selkinchek / The Swing

Samara Sagynbaeva Kyrgyzstan, 2019 20:38 min, feature film, Colour Kyrgyz, Engl. SUB selkinchek2019@gmail.com Winter in Kyrgyzstan: not only the school must be heated, at home the granddaughter is cold.

خط صورتی / The Pink Line

Bayan Zarabi Iran, 2018 14:55 min, fiction film, Colour Persian, Engl. SUB nina.zarabi@gmail.com Fa'ezeh is not sure whether she is pregnant. If she is, it's definitely not her husband's child. In Iran of our days, she won't be stoned anymore, but there will be consequences.

Cat Lake City

Antje Heyn Germany, 2019 6:42 min, animation film, Colour no dialogue info@protoplanet-studio.de protoplanet-studio.de Relaxing in Cat Lake City?

Interstate 8

Anne Thieme Germany, USA, 2019 15:00 min, fiction film, Colour English, Ger. SUB anne@bythieme.de, c.marx@filmuniversitaet.de lightsonfilm.com/interstateeight.html America, land of freedom. A bunch of cheerful young people on the Interstate 8. A German girl is with them - it's all so cool. But suddenly the police appears.

El Vuelo de Michael / Michael's Flight

Jesús De Frutos Ayuso Spain, 2018 19:26 min, documentary film, Colour Spanish, Engl. SUB distribucion@promofest.org promofest.org/films/el-vuelo-de-michael Michael and his friends are managing Radio Terricola with the best of spirits.