Liebe & andere Grausamkeiten

We look around: For what?
I am twelve,
I listen to rock music,
and – eventually –
I'm also longing for
a better world,
where everything is going to be alright.
Like everybody does.

Friday, April 21th, 2023, 22:00
Saturday, April 21th, 2023, 18:00

Dream Nails

Katja Straub Germany, United States, 2020 10:13 min, Fiction Film, Colour English, Vietnamese, german subt. When increasing hostility reaches Cindy's beloved nail salon, she decides to fight it with the magic of love.

16 de Decembro

Álvaro Gago Spain, 2020 13:57 min, Fiction Film, Colour Galician, Spanish, engl. subt. Lucía is a handball player. She's used to scuffle, can fight back. She thinks. After the training she takes a scooter for a quick ride through the nocturnal city to pick up her little brother...

Blue Boy

Manuel Abramovich Germany, Argentina, 2020 18:24 min, documentary film, Colour German, Romanian, german subt. What are you doing tonight? Are you up for it? Let's have fun together... Seven Romanian sex workers in a gay bar in Berlin listen to their own experience reports.

Guarda / Guardian

Pablo Arreba Spain, 2020 5:19 min, Fiction Film, Colour Spanish, Engl. subt. The two men in Men-in-black style have a tough job. But Rafa is not in his right mind. Love has gotten in the way.

I Teach My Kids Love

Denise Riedmayr Germany, 2020 18:34 min, documentary film, Colour English, engl. subt. Louisa and Nikki live in West Virginia, USA. They have adopted eight children whose parents are unable to care for their offspring due to pill addiction.

There Will Be Monsters

Carlota Pereda Spain, 2020 5:31 min, Fiction Film, Colour Spanish, engl. subt. Monsters exist. They live among us. And they often get what they want...


Georgi M. Unkovski North Macedonia, 2020 18:45 min, Fiction Film, Colour Macedonian, engl. subt. Dejan just wants to go to his daughter's dance performance, to show her that her father is there. But the bureaucracy and the police seem to want to thwart his plan with all means...